Welcome to Human-Computer Interaction Course – (HCI). This course will elaborate almost all the basics of Human-Computer Interaction principals with real-world examples. Following are the list of Learning Objectives (LO) covered in this module.

To understand what is Human-Computer Interaction – HCI

To understand requirement collection techniques in HCI

To understand how to design HCI experiments

To understand how HCI evaluations are taking place.

To understand the   evolution of the Graphical User Interfaces – GUIs

To understand the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Machine Learning

Setting up the Environment for Machine Learning:-Downloading & setting-up Anaconda, Introduction to Google Collabs

Supervised Learning Techniques:-Regression techniques, Naïve Bayer’s, Artificial Neural Networks

Unsupervised Learning Techniques:- Clustering, K-Means clustering

Who this course is for:

  • All undergraduate and postgraduate students following computer science, software engineering, information systems, information technology


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