In this course, The Complete Introduction, we’ll discover together the foundations that we need to build and architect a Hybrid Cloud. It is not focused on a specific routine of services or vendors, but designed to answer the fundamentals questions.

If you’re yet to start the cloud computing journey or you’re already in a middle of one track and need to discover what’s there on other tracks, this course is for you.

With a basic knowledge about Information Technology, you’ll end up this course with a good level of knowledge about:

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing evolution from Mainframe time till the floating Public Clouds era
  • What’s the “as-a-Service” models with examples about each one
  • Choosing the right strategy for your customer/company; either Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud
  • Who’re the market leaders in the Public Cloud space
  • What are the stacks that can be used to build a cloud on-premise
  • What are the main components needed to Architect a Hybrid Cloud

This is the first course in a series to be developed about Hybrid Cloud domain, including more advanced architectural vendor-agnostic topics and knowledge. Hope this course is as fruitful as you expects, and waiting for your feedback 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Cloud Computing Beginners
  • Systems Administrators
  • New Technologies Evangelists
  • IT Architects


  • Basic Knowledge about IT
  • … and A cup of Coffee
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