Javascript Greatest Hits

Javascript Greatest Hits


Javascript is a tough language. It’s easy to start with, easy to get going, but on the other hand – it has a lot of strange behaviours that makes it one of the most difficult languages to master and code.

In the last years, JS had became the leading technology in the web, so a vast amount of coding aids had been developed to make our life as JS programmer easier.

Those aids are mostly libraries.

Nowadays, there exist libraries for any imaginable task. Libraries can make weird JS constructs to be  more reasonable, they can perform tedious tasks and help to manipulate the DOM, dates, AJAX and actually anything else.

In this course I’m going to teach you some of the most effective JS libraries out there, which I call – the greatest hits. If you are a programmer who loves to program – you’d love those.

In addition, I tried to choose those libraries which give additional benefit, is it a technique or methodology, so as programmers we’ll learn something new. Some of the things we’ll learn in this course:

1. Functions throttling and debouncing.

2. Prototyping.

3. Functions currying

and more.

This is really a must for any programmer who wants to leverage his/her skills.

Who this course is for:

  • JS developers who want to sharpen their coding skills
  • JS developers who are enthusiastic about new tools
  • Web developers who want to write more effective JS code


  • Students who take this course must know how to program in JS

Last Updated 2/2019

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