Learn python language from scratch + MySql practical part

Learn python language from scratch + MySql practical part


Hello my audience;

I am a senior programmer

The aim of this course is to demistify the concepts of the python language

I will explain you all the related concepts you will need to develop each python application you will need to develop in your future programming career

Along with the basic concepts you need , I will append a practical part to this course that allows you to apply the basic concepts that you learned in the first part of the project

I structured this course such a way that every student will be able to understand each concept; so you don’t need any previous programming knowledge

The program of the course is the following :

  • Basic Python Language features explained from the beginning:
    • Installation of visual studio code editor and of the python relevant packages
    • Basic Types in Python
    • Python Lists
    • Python dictionaries
    • Python tuples
    • Python sets
    • Python – if else conditional statement
    • Python while loops
    • Python for loops
    • Python Functions
    • Python lambda functions
  • OOP Concepts – Classes and objects explained with real life examples:
    • OOP concepts
    • Python classes definition and object instantation
    • Python Inheritance
  • Practical Part : interact with a mysql database instance to store datas:
    • Mysql database introduction
    • MySql – how to make a MySql query
    • Python – how to interact with MySql database
    • MySql INSERT statement create and fill cryptocurrencies-value tables

You can apply those concepts on the live python project of building a new cryptocurrency alert always on my page

Thank you for enrolling in my cours


enjoy !

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers that want to learn deeply the basics of the python languange


  • No programming experience is needed, I will explain everything you need for understanding this course

Last Updated 2/2022

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