Learning Python with PyCharm

Learning Python with PyCharm


PyCharm is a leading tool for Python development. In this course, instructor Mehdi Oulmakki introduces several key best practices for Python development and shows you how to use PyCharm as a one stop shop solution for managing the intricacies of development. First, Mehdi walks you through installing Python and PyCharm and gives you some useful tips and tricks for writing and developing code with PyCharm. He shows you how to create and navigate your projects in the PyCharm UI. Next, Mehdi discusses ways to use PyCharm with Git and GitHub to organize, save, and collaborate on your work. He covers managing dependencies, then goes into facets of code quality, how debugging improves your code quality, and ways to use breakpoints and unit tests for debugging. Plus, Mehdi goes over the principles and purpose of code style and the quality-of-life features within PyCharm that help reformat and refactor your code safely.

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