Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect – SC 100 Exam Prep

Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect - SC 100 Exam Prep


A subject matter expert (SME) in building and advancing cybersecurity strategies to safeguard an organization’s goals and operational procedures throughout all facets of enterprise architecture is the Microsoft cybersecurity architect. A Zero Trust strategy and architecture, comprising security measures for data, apps, access control, identity, and infrastructure, are created by the cybersecurity architect. The Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technological plans and security operational strategies are both evaluated by the cybersecurity architect.

To create and implement a cybersecurity strategy that satisfies an organization’s business goals, the cybersecurity architect works consistently with executives and practitioners in IT security, privacy, and other positions throughout the organization.

A candidate for this exam should have advanced expertise and understanding in many different security engineering fields, such as identity and access, platform protection, security operations, securing data, and securing applications. They should also have knowledge of cloud and hybrid implementations.

To earn the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect certification, candidates must also pass one of the following exams: SC-200, SC-300, AZ-500, or MS-500.

Modules covered in SC 100 Certification –

•Module 1 – Design a Zero Trust strategy and architecture (30–35%)

• Module 2 – Evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations

strategies (10–15%)

• Module 3 – Design security for infrastructure (10–15%)

• Module 4 – Design a strategy for data and applications (15–20%)

• Module 5 – Recommend security best practices and priorities (20–25%) ( Added on Feb 7th 2023 )

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for those students who want to take the SC-100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Exam
  • Those who want to understand the best practices for building and designing cyber security solutions using MS products
  • Those who want to have a strong foundation in creating Zero trust strategies


  • Knowledge in wide range of security engineering areas including identity and access management , platform protection , security operations and securing applications
  • Pass SC -200, SC-300, AZ-500 or MS-500 Certification.
  • Basic Understanding of M365
  • Fundamental understanding of MS security compliance and identity products
  • Familiarity of Azure services , like Azure VM, Vnet , SQL databses etc.
  • Knowhow and functioning of Microsoft cloud services

Last Updated 2/2023

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