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Microsoft Excell nowadays is an absolutely essential tools for life. The truth is that, Microsoft Excel is a really powerful, and dynamic data performing software . Absolutely everyone could get their life on a new level after studying this “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced” course and applying this knowledge in their lives.

This “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced” provides you with all the tools and instruments which you need, to understand this software.

I am sure it is not so important to remember each of the functions, more essential is how to understand how Microsoft Excel “thinks” and know where you could find explanation of function which do you need.

Thats why my  “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced” consists of very individual, deep  and simple explanations of:

  1. Excel functions and formulas,
  2. tricks and shortcuts,
  3. and data visualization and data analysis tools.

which I placed separately. In this case if you forget some function you could come back to my video course and refresh all information in your memory.

We are cover here so different and interesting tricks, as:

  • Microsoft Excel Functions & formulas – XLOOKUP, FILTER, CONVERT, UNIQUE, CHOOSE, PMT (and a lot more)
  • Microsoft Excel Beginers tricks  – 3D references, Transpose, Filled Map, Autofit, how to ad your own picture in a charts (and a lot more)
  • Microsoft Excel features for data analysis and visualization  – Getting  data from web, Advanced filter, Pivot tables, Analysis Tool pack
  • Microsoft Excel features for business, finance and forecast – What if analysis, Scenario manager, Payment (PMT), Goal seek
  • And also a lot of little useful Microsoft Excel tricks, such as – tracking changes, Excel translator, Excel Ideas and how to do VLOOKUP on left side
  • And a lot of SHORTCUTS


We will also will be touching those aspects

  • Microsoft Excel Interface
  • Microsoft Excel basic skills (Autofill, Shortcuts and etc.)
  • Microsoft Excel data skills (Import, finding and replacing text, constant links, linking text)
  • Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas
  • Formatting skills in Microsoft Excel 
  • Visualisation skills in Microsoft Excel ( Charts, Conditional formatting)
  • Extra skills in Microsoft Excel  ( Smart tables, Pivot tables and other)
  • And more…

You could use next Software to learn this course:


  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2020


  • Microsoft Excel 2011
  • Microsoft Excel 2016

And all upper Microsoft Excel version of software

Any Laptop or Smartphone

  • Google Spreadsheets (sheets)

Just check a couple of reviews on my “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced

  • Amazing course!! There’s so much to do with Excel that i couldnt imagine. Now im able to use it not only better in my work, but also for personal stuffs, even for gaming! Thanks a lot!!!!!
  • Nice lectures.I have learned amazing stuff about excel.
  • it’s very good , i benefit from every minute in this courseand intructor is be graetthank to him

My suggestion to you..

If you really want to understand all features and aspects ( such as formulas and functions, data visualization, data analysis, conditional formatting, charts and etc.)in Excel…. Just try this excellent course…



Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced” includes downloadable resources and project fileshomework and course quizzeslifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced” were created on Microsoft Excel for Macbook 2016

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to start study Excel and have no any experience in it
  • Excel users who have basic skills but want to be BETTER
  • Data analytics, Marketers, Business owners, Investors, Finance specialists, Insurance agents
  • Entrepreneurs, Teachers, office workers,
  • Anyone who works with huge data
  • Students, who want to develop their skills, and make their labor and life more effective
  • Anyone who want to expand their analytics skills, work more efficiently with data
  • Anyone who want to take their career to a new level
  • And you are also 🙂


  • You need PC, notebook or MacBook
  • You have to have Microsoft Excel or access to Google Spreadsheets
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