Modernizing an Enterprise React App

Modernizing an Enterprise React App


In this course, you’ll learn all the pieces that go into modernizing an existing React application so it can take advantage of the latest framework features and run well for years to come.

In this course we’ll dive into all the ways to modernize an existing React application – from tooling and linting, to testing and Hooks. React is a powerful, extremely popular JavaScript framework, but keeping applications up to date with all that it has to offer is tough – especially when dealing with the larger, enterprise-level business applications many developers are responsible for.

Why this course

The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React application will cover everything you need to know to confidently work on a React application of any size, in any state, and leave it better than when you found it.

While many React tutorials start with the latest version of React, or gloss over all the other things required to make sure apps vital to a company’s success keep running, this course does not. In 54 lessons spanning 10 modules, it tackles head-on, the many things that must be considered when building and maintaining large, complex React apps.

Course modules

As you progress through this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding for how and why React Hooks came to be, the importance of various types of automated testing and project configuration, and how to leverage design systems to improve your application. You will gain a detailed understanding of how to modernize a React app in a real-world scenario, bringing it in line with today’s development standards.

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