The Planning Risk Management is part of a series of courses that together form the Risk Management Certification Program (PMI-RMP). The Program is PMBOK6 aligned and includes the courses on Identifying Risk, Analyzing Risk and Responding to Risk.

What will you learn

After completing the course on Planning Risk Management you will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by project risk,
  • Recognize examples of project risk,
  • Identify the three risk factors needed to reduce uncertainty,
  • Recognize examples of common risk responses,
  • Match the inputs to planning risk management with the information they provide,
  • Identify the tools and techniques used for the Plan Risk Management process,
  • Identify sections you should include in a risk management plan,
  • Match elements of the risk management plan with examples,
  • Distinguish between the three risk ratings in an ordinal scale, and
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the Plan Risk Management process.

Who is your instructor

My name is Sorin, and I will be your instructor. I am a trainer and project manager with more than 10 years of experience. Before Udemy, I trained hundreds of people in a classroom environment – civil servants, managers, project workers, aid workers and many more. And I managed projects in the fields of justice, corrections, regional development and human resources development.

How will you benefit

All instructional activities will earn you the necessary for PMI certification and credential maintenance if you already are a certified PMI Risk Management Professional or Project Management Professional. If you are a project professional and you want to improve your risk management skills, this course is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, a student, a manager or, you just want to learn and develop risk management skills, this course is for you. 

Now, go ahead and press that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside! 

Who this course is for:

  • Project workers, project managers, risk officers and management students seeking or not PMI certification
  • Note: This course is PMBOK6 aligned


  • General project management knowledge and abilities are a plus but not required
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