Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons is your complete guide to learning and incorporating practical crypto and blockchain knowledge and skills for your company’s systems. Unlike some other courses, Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons focuses on real-world applications, so you can learn with hands-on demos. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Buy, trade, mine your own, and use cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ripple, and DOGE
  • Create your own blockchains for internal enterprise IT applications
  • Create and execute your own smart contracts
  • Learn how to perform cybersecurity audits on blockchains

This course was built for anyone who wants to understand how popular cryptocurrencies work including Bitcoins and ETH, as well as professionals needing to implement their own blockchain applications or mine cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity professionals who need to test and audit Blockchain applications. The course concludes with topics of modern cyber attacks in cryptocurrency and blockchain space. You will have the tools needed to test your own blockchain applications and understand how to protect them against future attacks.

Expert author and trainer Aamir Lakhani will give you hands-on practical experience to become a blockchain and cryptocurrency engineer and architect.

Topics include

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Module 2: The Blockchain
  • Module 3: Mining
  • Module 4: Blockchain Applications
  • Module 5: Cyber Attacks
  • Module 6 Evolution of Cryptocurrency and Blockchains

Skill Level

  • Beginner

Learn How To

  • Understand the basics of blockchain technology
  • Work blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Create and store cryptocurrencies
  • Create NFTs
  • Write and enforce smart contracts on blockchains

Course requirement

  • None

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone interested in learning about blockchain
  • Pen testing or ed team for blockchain applications
  • Blockchain Engineers and Architects for Enterprise IT organizations
  • Cryptocurrency expert or advisor

Published 1/2023

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