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Practical Database Design - Blog Schema


Out of all the tech subjects I have lectured on, databases or relational database systems have always been a subject with a “steep learning curve”. Students tend to find it challenging, and it just takes much more effort to learn than other subjects.

To my surprise, I am one of many people who have observed this trend. There is, in fact, a small niche of research papers written on this topic.

So why is it so challenging? When I think of how we might overcome some challenges when learning databases instantly, I think of one fact that remains true, which goes back to even when I started learning database systems. There needed to be more examples or actual database design in practice.

This course aims to help support anyone starting their journey into relational database systems by establishing underpinning skills and concepts of database and database design by working through practical scenario reasoning and providing the rationale to design decisions. Nothing beats experience in most subjects. That is amplified in the realms of relational database development. With the knowledge and experience gained in the course in hand, I hope that on completion of this course, it will provide the scaffolding, underpinning knowledge to support your endeavours in the world of relational database development.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts new to relational database design


  • No Prior experience needed but would be advantageous

Last Updated 1/2023

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