Rest API Testing using SoapUI | Real time Application

Rest API Testing using SoapUI Real time Application


REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural style, and an approach to communications that is often used in the development of Web service The use of REST is often preferred over the more heavyweight SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) style because REST does not leverage as much bandwidth, which makes it a better fit for use over the Internet. The SOAP approach requires writing or using a provided server program (to serve data) and a client program (to request data).

REST sits on this stack in a way that makes it easy for humans to understand what’s being exchanged while allowing computers to talk to one another efficiently. You may have also heard of some of the other technologies that can reside here, such as SOAP (which requires a fair amount of data and computing power and is not really appropriate  for the constrained resources of mobile applications), JMS (which is specific to Java applications) and XML-RPC (which has many of the same problems as SOAP without any of the benefits of standardisation).

This course cover following items

1 Create REST Request

2 Different type of REST methods

3.Groovy programming

Who this course is for:

  • Person looking opportunity in API testing
  • Manual testers want to jump into API automation


  • Windows machine with SoapUI free version

Last Updated 10/2018

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