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If you want to understand latest SAP ACTIVATE technology you should subscribe to this course.

We will be covering ACT100 and ACT200 in detail.

This course is based on C_ACTIVATE_12 .

No prior experience required but we highly recommend this for people, with experience in SAP or non-SAP projects, We do not recommend this course for fresh graduates.

We will be covering below topics :


– S4HANA History

– Purpose of SAP ACTIVATE


– Details of SAP ACTIVATE methodology

– Various phases of SAP ACTIVATE


– Key characteristics of SAP ACTIVATE

– Details of various Workstream (WS)

– Details of Workstream  : Project Management

– Details of Workstream  : Design & Config

– Details of Workstream  : Analytics

– Details of Workstream  : Customer Team Enablement

– Details of Workstream  : Solution Adoption

– Details of Workstream  : Extensibility

– Details of Workstream  : Testing

– Details of Workstream  : Integration

– Details of Workstream  : Operations & Support

– Details of Workstream  : Data Management

– Details of Workstream  : Project Management

– Details of Workstream  : Technical Architect & Infrastructure 

– Various choices of S4HANA Deployment

– Cloud Advantage

– Multi Tenant Edition (MTE)

– Single Tenant Edition (STE)

– Comparison of Various choices

– SLT based Conversion


– Agile Definition

– Basics of Agile

– Agile Manifesto

– Agile Principle

– Details of Scrum and Sprints

– Overview of Agile Scrum Methodology Flow

– Various Roles and Responsibility under Scrum

– Example of Theme, Epic, Story

– What is Story?

– What is Story Mapping?

– What is Product Backlog?

– Details of Scrum Board

– Scrum Stand Up Meeting

– SAP with Agile Methodology Overview

– SAP with Agile Methodology in Prepare

-SAP with Agile Methodology in Explore

– SAP with Agile Methodology in Realize

– SAP with Agile Methodology in Deploy

– Is my project fit for Agile?

 Pre-Conditions for Agile

– Challenges and Advantages of Agile

– Agile Cone of Uncertainty

– Details of NFR

– How to Scale Agile?

– Agile Governance in small and big teams

– What is Definition of Done

– Details of Backlog Grooming

– What is Spike?

– Ways to Estimate Effort

– Various Estimation Methodologies

We have multiple Walk-Through Videos :

– SAP Roadmap Viewer



-SAP Transformation Navigator and Many More

If you have any Questions, Please ask in QnA section or reach out to us.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn SAP ACTIVATE
  • SAP Managers, Program Managers, Solution Architects, Technical Architect, SAP developers


  • There are no prerequisite for this course, However we would not recommend this course to fresh graduates
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