Selenium WebDriver Commands

Selenium WebDriver Commands


In this course, I have covered all the Selenium WebDriver Commands in a detailed and practical way.

This is a different way of learning Selenium Test Automation.

This course will act like a guide or reference where you can find and learn any Selenium WebDriver command.

The below are the different Selenium WebDriver Commands covered in this course:

get() Command, maximize() Command, fullscreen() Command, setSize() Command, findElement() Command, click() Command, id() Command, name() Command, sendKeys() Command, className() Command, linkText() Command, cssSelector() Command, partialLinkText() Command, clear() Command, getText() Command, getTitle() Command, getCurrentUrl() Command,  close() Command, quit() Command, getAttribute() Command, isDisplayed() Command, isEnabled() Command, isSelected() Command, getScreenshotAs() Command, getPageSource() Command, navigate() Command, submit() Command,  getTagName() Command,  getSize() Command,  getLocation() Command,  xpath() Command,  findElements() Command,  tagName() Command, getCSSValue() Command, getClass() Command, getWindowHandle(), getWindowHandles(), switchTo() and window() – Selenium WebDriver Commands,  selectByIndex() Command,  selectByVisibleText() Command,  selectByValue() Command – Selenium WebDriver Command,  isMultiple() Command – Selenium WebDriver,  getOptions() Command – Selenium WebDriver,  getFirstSelectedOption() Command – Selenium WebDriver,  getAllSelectedOptions() Command – Selenium WebDriver,  deselectByVisibleText() Command – Selenium WebDriver,  deselectByIndex() Command – Selenium WebDriver,   deselectByValue() Command, deselectAll() Command,  frame() Command,  parentFrame() Command,  defaultContent()  Command,  pageLoadTimeout() Command, setScriptTimeout() Command,  implicitlyWait() Command,  until() and visibilityOfElementLocated() Commands,  elementToBeClickable() Command,  invisibilityOfElementLocated() Command, alert(), getText(), accept() and dismiss() commands, alertIsPresent() Command,  sendKeys() Command of Alert interface,  moveToElement() Command,  click() Command of Actions Class, dragAndDropBy() Command,  contextClick() Command,  doubleClick() Command,  dragAndDrop() Command,  keyDown() and keyUp() Commands,  sendKeys() Command of Actions Class,  chord() Command, switchTo() Command,  build() and perform() Commands,  executeScript() Command,   executeAysncScript() Command , getCookies() Command, getCookieNamed() Command, addCookie() Command, deleteCookieNamed() Command,  deleteCookie() Command and deleteAllCookies() Command

Who this course is for:

  • New to Selenium and would like to it using its commands in a sequential, easy, practical, organized and detailed manner


  • Basics of Java Programming

Last Updated 1/2023

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