Do you want to understand what your website needs for the search engines to like? An effective way to push targeted traffic to your website and potentially improve your ranking is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Yet, SEO can seem frustrating and daunting as the search engines constantly change their rules. You will learn the fundamentals of SEO in this course and some SEO techniques will be taught that will help your site withstand the continuous algorithm changes. For this course, no prior experience with SEO is needed.

To begin with, we will learn the basic concepts that are involved in SEO. You will gain awareness of where we came from and what has recently changed, as well as the tactics and techniques to help you rank at the top of searches for Google or Bing.

You’ll quickly step up from beginner to advanced to become a search engine marketing expert-taught to you by an SEO expert.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, bloggers and website owners who want to grow through SEO


  • No prior knowledge about SEO required. This course starts from the very basics!
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