In this 3 module mini-course we’ll be walking you through creating and launching an SEO driven content marketing strategy for your tech company. Here’s what you’ll be learning:

Module One: The Content Marketing Basics

In this module you’ll learn what content marketing is, why you should invest in it and when you should begin using content marketing.

Module Two: Crafting A Content Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

In this module you’ll be defining your target customer and your goals when it comes to content marketing. This will set you on a path of success. You’ll also learn how to do the research that will be used to craft your 90 day content marketing strategy.

Module Three: Creating And Outsourcing Content

In this module you’ll learn to most effective approach to creating content that works to drive organic traffic and convert. We’ll also walk through where to source high quality content from and how to build a process around your outsourced team.

BONUS: You’ll also get my two methods for creating long form (+2,000 words), valuable content in under 30 minutes.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Tech Company Founders or CEOs
  • Marketers Who Want To Make An Impact On A Budget


  • You’ll need to know the basics of SEO
  • You should have a very good idea of who your target customer is and what they are interested in
  • You need to have a computer
  • You should have a microphone (optional)
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