Helloand welcome to my new course “Solfeggio Frequency: Sound Therapy & Mindfulness Meditation” 🙂

Use The Ancient Frequencies As Sound Therapy: Stress Management, Meditation, Mindfulness, Chakras & Spiritual Healing.

  • I am Kevin Kockot, and I am happy to welcome you to this course!
  • You are interested in the topic of  How to use ancient Mindfulness, Stress Management & Relaxation, you are looking for aneasy guideline that is giving you a hands-on solution?
  • And you would like to be inspired with practical input to learn how to find How you can use recordings with a spiritual frequency, MP3-Files, Checklist & BONUS for an optimal personal meditation experience?
    >> If that is the case, then I am convinced that this course is the right one for you!
  • I’m Kevin Kockot (M.A. Prevention and Health Promotion), I teach over 45.000 students on Udemy and for many years I worked as an entrepeneur where I give lectures and seminars on topics of prevention and health promotion
  • I am giving seminars on the topic of relaxation and stress management regulary. So I was sharing my information to hundrets of people each year on the topics mentioned. Meditation can also be a way to relax, but it is much more!
  • How to meditate? You can find it out in this course! 🙂


  • Several working hours were going into the preperation of this content, that I made for you, who is interested to find out how to use solfeggio frequencies for your own health, mindfulness, meditation and inner peace.
  • My goal is to help you living a healthy and self-determinded life!


If you have the feeling something is missing – please feel free to contact me on Udemy anytime! I am happy to answer you add lectures based on your recommendations

As you are my custumer your happiness is my highest goal! 🙂

Please also give me feedback for this course!

That helps me as a course creator a lot to improve the course! 🙂

Thank you!

See you in the course! 🙂

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PS: Thank you Ispeakwaves from freesound. org for the sound Upbeat Funky Loop – Electronic 🙂

PS PS: Please also check out my BONUS at the end of this course – let me know how you liked it! 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • … Anybody Who Wants To Use The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies For Healing
  • … Anybody Who Wants To Balance Your Body And Mind With The Help Of The Solfeggio Frequencies
  • … Anybody Who Wants To Support His Or Her Own Mindfulness & Meditation With The Help Of The Solfeggio Frequencies
  • … Anybody Who Wants To Understand The Power & The Usage Of The Solfeggio Frequencies


  • no prerequisites required
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