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Would you like to read faster and more efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this course, you learn Speed Reading – a special form of reading, in which we don’t read word by word, but by Chunks (groups of words) which allows us to use 100% of our brain capacity in the process.

This has two main effects:

  1. You read faster and more efficiently
  2. You become more concentrated and understand more

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This has to do with the fact that if our brains don’t use 100% of their capacities, they start filling the remainder with unnecessary tasks – like evaluating past situations – that distract you from reading and make you less concentrated.

The aim of this Speed Reading course is to get your effective reading ratei.e. the number of words that you are able to read (and understand) within one minute as high as possible.

As you can probably imagine Speed Reading, like most other skills, is not learned overnight. Therefore, in this course you will not only find interesting, bite-sized video lessons on Speed Reading, but also many useful exercises, reading tests, and other practical exercises, that make it easier for you to accomplish your goals and give you the practice you need in order to learn Speed Reading.

This course is designed to move you forward! Therefore, the whole structure is geared towards maximum learning success.


This Course is FOR YOU if you:

  • would like to learn how to read faster and more efficiently
  • would like to understand more and want to learn how to keep up your concentration
  • like short, concise courses, that get to the point quickly, without wasting hours of your time
  • are a practical person and want to actually use your new skill
  • like saving time, which you can then spend on other things like reading, for example


Look forward to:

  • Full-HD video lessons
  • Many exercises and quizzes
  • Downloadable .pdf Files
  • Tipps and tricks for reading faster
  • Full Lifetime access
  • 30-Day Satisfaction or money-back guarantee
  • And a lot more


Let’s improve our reading skills together!

Cheers, Luca

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn how to read faster and more efficiently
  • Fans of short, bite-sized, practically-oriented courses


  • No previous knowledge required

Last Updated 12/2020

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