Symfony Mailer: Love Sending Emails Again


This tutorial is built on Symfony 4.3, but will work well with Symfony 4.4 or 5. Yep! No matter how hard you try, eventually you will need to send emails from your app! Whether it’s a “registration” email, “order completed” email or a “Hey, we think you’re great & want to give you a free ?” email, setting this up doesn’t need to be a pain! With Symfony’s Mailer component & cloud email delivery services… I dare say, you’re going to love sending emails.

In this tutorial, we’ll give your emails something to brag about by mastering Symfony’s Mailer:

  • Installing & configuring the mailer transport
  • Sending that first email and configuring the heck out of it!
  • Debugging emails while developing? Hello Mailtrap, MailHog & Mailcatcher!
  • HTML emails with Twig
  • Automatic text emails
  • Linking to images from within an email vs embedded images
  • Styling with CSS with automatic CSS inlining
  • Integrating the Foundation CSS framework for emails: Inky!
  • Leveraging event listeners to globally customize from, senders, etc
  • Sending emails from a command (and fixing link URLs)
  • Email attachments
  • Sending emails from inside of tests (the null transport)
  • Async email sending with Messenger
  • Failover & round robin transports
  • Production cloud delivery setup with SendGrid
  • DNS “deliverability” goodies – SPF, DKIM & DMARC!

So… let’s send some emails, make them look great and love the process.

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