Hello and welcome.  From the get go please be aware this course is part 2 of another course (Tableau : A quick start guide) and contains lessons not able to be presented in the first class due to limitations placed on publishers on this site. How this effects you is your decision.  Simply know you can take this class as a stand alone course, or enroll in Part 1 in the event you want all of the course as it was originally intended.  You see this site places time limits on free course so unfortunately things had to be divided up to meet their guidelines.

Both courses are free and I’ve done my best to have modules line up between each course.

If you wish to take part one of the course look up: Tableau | A Quick Start Guide


All that said imagine you have a big list of data (say an Excel list, or database application) it’s fair to say that data is practically unreadable.  Trying to get a mental picture of a data list is tough to do. Or put another way how do you make heads or tales  out of something so illegible? This is where Tableau can save the day.  🙂

With Tableau you can create really cool, slick, visualizations (AKA charts) that allow you to interpret your data in “picture” form to learn the story it’s telling you.  Tableau is highly intuitive, incredibly powerful and flat out fun to use.   

This course has been designed to provide a high level overview of the foundational topics in Tableau, with the hope you will take what you learn and apply it to higher levels of Tableau.

Each module/ video tutorial is topical in nature and you can pick and choose the order in which you learn since there is no true progression path to the course.  That said, we’ve tried to arrange the content so it has the best and easy logical flow.

Topics you will learn in part 2 include: calculations in Tableau (DateDiff, calculated fields, IF and Case functions), how to create bullet graphs, scatter plots, histograms, control charts and a few others, an intro to joining types in Tableau, how to animate visualizations, ending with a walk through of some grab-bag topics.

This course is designed for beginners/ novices in Tableau so experienced people need not apply.  🙂

** IMPORTANT** This course was recorded using Tableau 9 which is not the most recent version of Tableau since the video series was put together a few years ago.  However all the content within the class applies to Tableau 9.x and higher, just note your screen may look a little different.

So why is this course free?  Simple. By chance this course can help someone, somehow, someway stay afloat economically, move to a better vocation, or allow them a better career….it’s well worth it in my view.  ~ Dave (the course author)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Tableau, or looking to convert raw data into understandable visual format.
  • The content in this course applies to Tableau 9.x and higher


  • None. Just a desire to learn. Taking Tableau: A quick start guide part 1 is optional, not required. 🙂
  • You can take this as a stand alone course, or enroll in part 1 if you choose. Link to first course below.
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