Within this course, we’ll discuss the functionality of the Firebase ML Kit for Android. We’ll start by learning about the Firebase ML Kit and the features it provides. Then we’ll see how to incorporate ML Kit in your Android app with Android Studio. Before that, we’ll explore the functionality of the ML Kit and build Android application on Text Recognizer.

Machine Learning is not a new subject in this age. Everyone is choosing machine learning. Machine Learning can be applied to Android apps as well as market requirements. Google Firebase offers an ML Package that helps us to recognize text in pictures. It can be helpful or quick to read text from an picture in today’s life. It can help you to achieve your goal.

Who this course is for:

  • Android Developers
  • Developers who want to implement Machine Learning in Android
  • Machine Learning Students


  • Internet Connectivity
  • Android Studio
  • Basic Knowledge on Java
  • Basic Knowledge on App Development
  • Android Phone ( For Testing )
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