The 6 Figure Freelance Designer

The 6 Figure Freelance Designer


Make a great living doing what you love as a freelancer
Attract a steady stream of high-value clients, break free from feast-and-famine cycles, and regain control over your schedule. This program will help you

  • Set up proven marketing systems to consistently bring in clients
  • Refine your niche and how you describe the value of your services
  • Improve your sales and negotiation skills to close higher-paying projects
  • Run your business smoothly and set yourself up for steady growth
  • Weekly live office hours
    Get personalized, no-holds-barred support and feedback from Flux Academy experts.
  • Build Your Network
    Make connections, discover business opportunities, and collaborate with web designers around the world.
  • Real-life Lessons
    Learn from the experiences and lessons shared by a community of real-life, active professionals.

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