The Complete Java Developer Course: From Beginner to Master!


Welcome to The Complete Java Developer Course: From Beginner to Master! 

Why learn Java?

Java is 25+ years old, and used eeeeverywhere! Over 7.6 million developers worldwide use Java to create websites, build apps, and write programs – making it one of the most popular programming languages around! 

Also, did you know that in the US the average Java developer salary is over $104,000 a year?!

Why is Java so widely used? Well, it’s an all-purpose language that can run on any platform, it’s quick, easy to learn, highly versatily and there’s a huge community of support online as well. 

★★★★★ ‘Hey Dr Baugh! Former student working as a software engineer at Ford Motor Company! Saw your post and decided to refresh my Java skills with this course! Great so far!‘ Ahmed Saeed

Why this course?!

This Java course is aimed at beginners, and is designed to get students coding in Java as quickly and confidently as possible! There are practical, hands-on coding challenges in every lecture, so you can practice the code straight away, and make sure you’ve mastered every line!

You’ll learn all the best tips, tricks and theory behind the code, while also building some exciting portfolio projects… including:

  • Average of three
  • Mad-Libs clone
  • Package of the month
  • Divisible by three
  • Guess the number
  • Name permutations
  • Sum of elements
  • Tic-tac-toe

PLUS we’re currently finishing a whole new Section 7 (an introduction to classes and objects (OOP – object oriented programming) which will be added very, very soon! More sections and lectures are planned  following that, on exciting topics such as file input/outputexceptionsmore on OOP (inheritance and polymorphism), generics, and collections

The course is taught by the brilliant John P. Baugh, Ph.D. (4.7 instructor rating). John’s a professional software engineer and consultant, as well as a Professor and Chair of Computer Science / Computer Information Systems of a college in the US. John’s previous C++ course is ‘highest-rated’ by Udemy, and students loved John’s clear, engaging and hands-on teaching style:

★★★★★ ‘Great class. John explains difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. Good job.’ Rick Kennard

★★★★★ ‘An all-around excellent course! The instructor leaves no major stone unturned with C++. If you’re looking to learn the very basics of C++ and get ready for more advanced stuff, you’re in the right place.’ Lionel Robert

★★★★★ ‘It’s completely a beginner’s course. Anyone who are interested to take c++ course, this is the best course in Udemy.’ Sridhar Kunireddy

…So what are you waiting for?! Start your journey from Java beginner to Java expert today

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner coders, and anyone new to Java!
  • Experienced Java programmers who want to stay sharp!
  • Developers looking to upskill for a project or career change
  • College students and anyone studying Java!


  • A computer and a willing attitude!

Last Updated 11/2020

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