The Complete Salesforce Administrator Course 2022

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Course 2022


This course is tailored to enhance your Salesforce Administration skills so that you can either upgrade yourself or make a switch to the Salesforce Ecosystem if you are looking to. The lectures have been tailored to make sure you become comfortable with the Salesforce environment and are ready to work as a Salesforce Admin after you finish the course.

This course is definitely for you if you are looking to get started with Salesforce or brush up your Administrator basics.

I have made sure to cover each section in detail, adding relevant real time examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience so you can apply the concepts you are learning on the business use cases that you work for.

Through this course, get the hang of Salesforce tools and configurations like:

* Apps

* Objects

* Fields & Relationships

* Profiles & Permissions

* Workflows

* Validation Rules

* Page Layouts

* List Views

* Process Builders

* Email Templates

* Users

and a lot more

Get a ton of extra resources to keep for future references alongside quiz and assignments that will keep you on the same progress with me

My goal with this course is to ensure you not only pass the Admin certification, but you are able to upgrade your Admin skills be learning about the Salesforce ecosystem and you are able to take up this role for the companies you work for or lead.

This course is not one of those long 100 hour course content explaining you everything at a super slow pace, rather this will look more like a crash course but covering everything you need to know at an amazing speed.

5 hours and you are good to go, I can guarantee!

Who this course is for:

  • Any and everyone who wants to become a Salesforce Admin
  • Any and everyone who wants to grasp and understand Salesforce Basics to begin their journey as an Admin
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen basic concepts of Salesforce Admin and deep dive
  • Anyone who wants to become a Salesforce Rockstar
  • Anyone who wants to switch into the Salesforce Domain and build a career around it
  • Anyone with a different background or work experience wanting to get into the Salesforce ecosystem


  • No prior Salesforce knowledge required to start this course
  • Just a good internet connection to be able to use the Salesforce Org for hands on and viewing these tutorials will be required
  • A learning mindset with a goal to establish a Salesforce Career

Last Updated 9/2021

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