Machine learning is simply a computer learning from data instead of following a recipe. It’s meant to mimic how people (and perhaps other animals) learn while still being grounded in mathematics.

This post is meant to get you started with a basic machine learning model.

A chatbot.

Now, we’re not re-creating Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant but we are going to create a brand new machine learning program from scratch.

This course is meant to be easy assuming you know a bit of Python Programming.

Check out the demo in the course so you can get an exact sense of what you’re going to be building. Our Github Repo also has the code for you to play around with.

Let’s do this!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in basic Machine Learning
  • Python beginners looking to acquire some Data Science Skills
  • Web App developers interested in building chatbots and/or improve search features.


  • Basic Python Programming Skills recommended
  • Have used Virtual Environments before
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