The Ubuntu Linux Desktop User Guide

The Ubuntu Linux Desktop User Guide


I created this course, so students can learn from the amazing world of Ubuntu Linux. In this course you will learn, not only how to do things using the Graphical Interface, but also the Linux Bash.

You will learn how to install and configure Ubuntu Desktop 21.10. Also you will learn the basics of virtualization with Virtualbox. In addition, you will learn how to perform post-installation task like: connecting to the WIFI network, updating packages, installation drivers. Become familiar with the Ubuntu Gnome interface. Setup default application and startup applications. This course contains a whole section on how to customize the default Ubuntu interface. Learn how to navigate the file system and manage files and directories. Navigate the Web with Firefox and email communication with Thunderbird.

You will gain experience in Linux Networking as there’s a full section dedicated to network communication. Learn how to add storage devices, partition and format using disk app. Manage Users. Perform backup and restore lost data to your hard drive. And learn how to monitor system resources.

Finally, The key to learning Ubuntu and Linux in general is to practice what you learn. I strongly advise you to watch the videos and follow by doing in your computer. Also, take the practice quiz at the end of each section.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for all levels, but especially for beginners and intermediate users


  • No experience required.
  • No previous Ubuntu or Linux experience required

Last Updated 1/2022

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