Transpiling and Polyfills for Extended JavaScript Support

Transpiling and Polyfills for Extended JavaScript Support


This course will teach you how transpilling and polyfilling work to make sure your application can utilize the latest JavaScript features while being able to run on all browsers.

With new JavaScript features being proposed and implemented, browsers have to keep up to support these features. Different browsers implement features at different paces resulting in web apps not working properly across all browsers. In this course, Transpiling and Polyfills for Extended JavaScript Support, you’ll learn how cross-browser compatibility issues are resolved using transpiling and polyfilling techniques. First, you’ll explore what transpiling is and how it can enable developers to use modern JavaScript features in older browsers or browsers that haven’t implemented the latest features yet using the Babel compiler. Next, you’ll see how to include missing or not yet implemented browser features using core-js as a polyfilling library to add the missing features. Finally, you’ll learn how TypeScript works and how it is transpiled to JavaScript. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to transpile code for older JavaScript versions as well as include missing features using polyfilling needed to build cross-browser compatible web applications..

Last Updated 1/2023

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