In This Course, You’ll Discover:

  • 3 mistakes that you are making in your Resume / CV resulting in employers throwing your it away without even reading
  • 6 Smart Hacks that will make your Resume standout in the pile of hundreds of Resumes
  • 7 Powerful Strategies, including specific words, that will make any employer want to pick up the phone and call you for an interview right away
  • secret strategy to make your education section more impactful, even when you have a low GPA
  • You will also get my Resume that you can use as a template to make yourself a dazzling Resume

Even if:

  • You don’t have a lot of relevant work experience or you want to switch industries
  • You are still in your 3rd / 4th year of university or a fresh graduate without any job experience
  • You are an average performer with low GPA and no accomplishments worth mentioning

Ultimate Resume Makeover is my flagship course to beat the competition during job applications and get a high-paying dream job anywhere in the world.

This course gives you instant access to my absolute best strategies and hacks on creating a Resume / CV that will get you interview calls for high-paying jobs, both in the corporate sector and the academic sector, from anywhere in the world.

I have kept nothing back.

I have included my best psychological insights, hidden secrets that only employers know, and even given you exact templates and words that you can use to make your Resume go from an average Resume to worldclass overnight.

Who Am I?

  • Achieved 7 A grades in my A-Levels (high school) where the average student used to study only 3-4 subjects
  • Graduated as a Gold Medalist with Double Major – Engineering & Business – from National University of Singapore (Asia’s #1 ranked university) in 2014
  • In 2nd year of university, became the President of ASEANpreneurs (largest student entrepreneurship organization comprising of 100+ universities across 10 ASEAN countries)
  • In 3rd year, selected as 1 of the 21 students across Singapore to do a 3-month Unilever Future Leadership Internship Program (the single most exclusive and sought-after internship program)
  • In final year, got job offers from / interviews with Microsoft, HSBC, VISA, Burger King Asia Headquarters, Centre for Innovative Cities, and about half a dozen start-ups
  • During 3 years of job, headed a Foresight Research Team (handpicked my team after reviewing hundreds of CVs)
  • Scored 8.5 in IELTS in first attempt, and moved to Australia as a Permanent Resident in 2017
  • Now I run elite training programs for corporate around Asia & Australia
  • I also run 2 large blogs, including AustraliaYours, with combined readers from 100+ countries
  • I have Instagram following of 25K+ and a popular show on Personal Development called, OneMinuteShow.

How Would Your Life Change If You Get A High Paying Job Offer In The Field You Want To Work In?

Take 10 seconds to imagine your dream job… the one that you wanted since you decided what major you are going to take in the university.

You might have even spoken to a few seniors, or that wealthy uncle of yours, who have made a career in the field you want to make a career in as well.

You want to:

  • Earn more than all your friends in your peer group
  • Have a rich lifestyle without depending on your dad to fund your travels or buy you your next car
  • Go to an office knowing that in a few years you will be a Manager, then a Director, and then a Regional Head
  • Have a career that you can proudly talk about when you meet your relatives… or future in-laws

Your ambitions are real and you are truly a hard worker as well. There’s only one problem. Every time you send your Resume… or hundreds of them… nobody replies back to you.

This happens week after week, month after month, and you just accept it as your fate and keep doing what you’ve been doing without any excitement.

To be fair, you might have spent several hours creating your Resume.

If you are like most people then you would have spent anywhere between 2 to 10 days trying to create a best Resume for yourself.

You might have asked friends for suggestions. Approached someone who was better at English to get your Resume edited.

You might even have Googled, “what goes in Resume?” and used Ms Word templates to make your Resume look beautiful.

But what has been the result?


And then you get depressed.

You start thinking that the world is unfair and other people get better jobs because they have better References in the company. Instead of owning your own mistakes, you start blaming the system and calling other people lucky.

In the past 3 years, I have gone through somewhere between 1000-1500 CVs. These include both the Academic CVs for research jobs or those of PhD candidates, and the CVs for job market (both by fresh graduates with no work experience and by those who have been working for a few years).

This helped me to experience job application process from both the sides of the table – as an employer and an applicant.

Ultimate Resume Makeover is my flagship course, created for AustraliaYours subscribers first and now you, to beat the competition during job applications and get a high-paying dream job anywhere in the world.

What You Will Learn In this Course:

  • Real examples of best Resumess, including detailed explanations of why they work like magic
  • Powerful strategies to make your work experience standout…even if you don’t have any relevant experience or a high-paying job
  • The specific words to use in each section instead of flowery meaningless language that doesn’t mean anything
  • secret strategy to make your education section more impactful, even when you have a low GPA
  • How to use the Art of Credibility Markers to come across as a top performer even when you don’t have notable achievements. All tactics taught in this course are 100% ethical and hiring-manager approved. I personally stand behind everything I teach in this course
  • downloadable template for my Resume that got me Interviews and Job offers from Microsoft, HSBC, VISA, Unilever, and about a dozen other high-paying companies
  • Before-and-After examples of Resumes where I have personally revamped AustraliaYours Readers’ Resumes to turn them from average to dazzling using the hacks and strategies taught in this course
  • All this is delivered through a 2.5 Hours online self-paced course consisting of 19 video lessons

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking to get promoted or switch careers
  • First-time Job seekers looking for their dream job
  • Students looking to apply for higher studies & scholarships


  • No prior understanding is required. This is a full A-Z transformative course.
  • Only Microsoft Word.
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