Understanding Fault Records, Electrical Power System


Dear All,

I have created this course keeping in mind to share my field knowledge about fault recording with you.

We have all studied the symmetrical components & types of faults during university and college time. Wondering how real fault data would look like and how to read fault records. You may also like Ultimate Electrical Design Engineering Course Bundle

In this training I will share with you all that is required to review faults records, you will be able to download fault recorder software as well as comtrade files to review records your self.

The importance of keeping fault logsFault logs are used to record incidents and errors on a system, these faults can then be used in the future if the problem occurs again so the technician can resolve the problem quickly without having to troubleshoot it again.

Topics covered

  • Single line diagram
  • Understanding Line Bay
  • Understanding Busbar Scheme
  • Understanding Transformer Bay
  • CVT & Convectional VT explained
  • CT explained
  • Phasors explained
  • Introduction to Symmetrical components
  • Transformer Rating explained
  • Surge Arrestor Explained
  • Why NGR is installed
  • Why Earthing transformer is installed
  • Why Delta winding is used at Generation End
  • Zero Sequence voltages
  • V.T connection diagram for zero sequence connection
  • Open Delta Connection
  • CT & VT Classes
  • CT Polarity
  • Directional & Over Current Protection
  • Going through & investigating real fault records of power plant.
  • Different types of fault viewing software & download link
  • Comtrade files available to download
  • Root Cause Analysis for Fault Records
  • Protection Zones
  • Zones Overlapping
  • Dead Zone
  • Function of bus coupler

Best Regards

Muhammad Kashif

Who this course is for:

  • engineers
  • technicians


  • basic understanding of electrical engineering

Last Updated 4/2021

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