Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts

Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts


Learn value stream mapping key concepts, including the principles of Lean thinking, a high-level overview of the value stream mapping process, and when and how to use this strategic, transformative approach to significantly improve and optimize performance.


In this video you learn the key concepts of the value stream mapping process at a high level. Join Donna Knapp, Curriculum Development Manager for ITSM Academy, to learn how to use Lean thinking and techniques to minimize waste and make work flow. Explore the anatomy of a value stream map and the key metrics used to measure flow. Understand also how to create and execute a transformation plan and manage the associated organizational change.

Learn How To

  • Learn basic Lean and value stream concepts
  • Explore the elements and anatomy of a value stream map
  • Develop a high level understanding of the value stream mapping process
  • Determine how to identify waste and barriers to flow
  • Discover how to create a transformation plan for the future state of your value stream

About the Instructor

Donna Knapp has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry and for more than 15 years has been ITSM Academy’s Curriculum Development Manager. Donna teamed with Michael Orzen (coauthor of Lean IT) to develop the Value Stream Mapping Fundamentals certification course. She is a member of the ITIL 4 exam panel and contributed to the ITIL 4 High-velocity IT publication. ITIL 4 reshapes established service management practices in the wider context of value streams, customer experience, digital transformation, and systems thinking. She is a DevOps Institute Ambassador and was the original course author for The DevOps Institute’s DevOps Foundation certification course, which is now maintained using feedback from the DevOps community.

Donna’s years of practical experience and love of learning show in her engaging and informative speaking style and many certifications including the Value Stream Mapping Fundamentals, ITIL® Managing Professional, ITIL® Strategic Leader, and Certified Process Design Engineer certifications, along with numerous DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) certifications. She is also a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Agile Service Manager, and Certified Agile Process Owner. Donna is the author of The ITSM Process Design Guide: Developing, Reengineering, and Improving IT Service Management (which serves as the foundation for the Certified Process Design Engineer qualification), as well as two college textbooks, A Guide to Service Desk Concepts, Fourth Edition and A Guide to Customer Service Skills for Service Desk Professionals, Fourth Edition. Donna is a huge fan of W. Edwards Deming and is notorious for evoking his wisdom (#donnasaiddeming). As a citizen of Oldsmar, Florida, Donna also takes great pleasure in the knowledge that the founder of her city, R. E. Olds, is credited with developing the modern assembly line and so was talking about “flow” way before we were all born.

Who Should Take This Course

IT professionals interested in learning the basics of Lean and value stream mapping, including quality and process improvement professionals, such as process and value stream owners and managers, quality managers, and quality assurance specialists; individuals and teams who want to better understand how to use value stream mapping with a continuous improvement effort such as DevOps or ITSM; line managers, team leaders, and supervisors who want to improve cross-functional collaboration.

Course Requirements

Some familiarity with modern software engineering, IT operations, and IT service management practices are desirable but not required.

Released 10/2022

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