Web Development For Blockchain

Web Development For Blockchain


Learn the Basics of Web Development needed for Blockchain

If you want to become a Blockchain developer, you first need to have some basic web development skills.

However, web development is a HUGE topic… backend, frontend, devops, aws, etc…

Do you need to learn ALL of this for Blockchain?

Fortunately no!

You only need to learn FRONTEND web development: html, css and Javascript.

However, most bootcamp and courses about web development will teach way more than that…and would make you waste a lot of time…

Fear not!

I have created this program ESPECIALLY for people like you.

In this 3h training I will teach you the basics of web development

How web applications work
How to structure web pages with html
How to style web apps with css
How to make your app interactive with Javascript and React

After you follow this, you will be ready to learn Blockchain development.

PS: this is the project we will build on the section of React. A fully-functional todo app

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Web Development For Blockchain.zip (717.2 MB) | Mirror

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