WordPress: Backup and Restore

WordPress Backup and Restore


This course is about giving you the knowledge to backup your WP sites and if the need arises, being able to restore your site from those backups. The process must be quick, easy and most important, error free.

In this course we are going to create an ALL-IN-ONE BACKUP SOLUTION without using any plugins.

We will create a server level backup solution that will backup your database and site files to either the server that is hosting the site or to a remote server. 

After being setup, the entire backup process will be automated and require no interaction on your part. We will also cover, in detail, the correct process to restore a WordPress site from the backups we created.

A backup is the process of keeping a duplicate copy of your site. Keeping a backup copy of your site is extremely important. Backups act as a safety net, that allows you to restore or rollback a site back to its original state in a matter of minutes.

You never know when disaster may strike. Don’t put months of work at risk by not implementing a backup plan for your site. It’s essential that you are in a position to restore your site back to its original state.

Why do you need a WordPress backup?

  • If you server’s storage device crashes, you’ll need to reconfigure the entire server first and then restore your site from a backup located on a remote server.
  • With every new update, there always seems to be a compatibility issue. Some of these issues are serious enough to take your site down. It’s easy to roll back to an earlier version of your site, delete the site files and the database and restore both from backup – problem solved.
  • If you accidentally deleted content from your site, no problem, simply restore the latest backup and your content will be restored to the site.
  • There is no need to panic if your site is suddenly displaying ads for another site or if your site has been defaced. Delete the site files and the database and restore both from backup – problem solved. Then you need to find the vulnerable plugin that created a situation that allowed your site to be hacked.

Backup plugins are not the solution!!

The golden rule of WordPress, use as few plugins as possible. With each additional plugin added to your site, the possibility of vulnerabilities being introduced increases and you are adding more bloat which in turn will slow down your site.

Googling “WordPress backup plugin vulnerability” returns between 200 000 and 500 000 results. Top of the list displays a backup plugin vulnerability that impacted over 3 million users.


Server level backups are performed using the tools available on the server. There is no comparison between a server level and plugin backup. Server level backups are much faster than plugin-based backups and offer none of the security issues that accompany using plugins.

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress site owners
  • Plugin free backup solution – no backup plugins
  • 100% free WordPress backup solution
  • Any WordPress site owner who wants to create an ALL IN ONE WordPress BACKUP SOLUTION without using any plugins


  • Knowledge of Linux, Server Administration and using terminal is required
  • Basic command line Linux skills
  • Harden an unmanaged Ubuntu server

Last Updated 11/2022

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